Monday, June 15, 2009

Rep. Icet to run for state auditor

State Representative Allen Icet (R-84) has announced that he will be running for state auditor in 2010. Icet could not run for reelection due to term limited and had filed a finance committee to explore running for the 26th state Senate seat (which will be a hotly contested Republican primary). As the House Budget Chairman Icet certainly brings experience and credibility with his candidacy. The timing is certainly interesting, though. Clearly this is something that Icet has been considering for some time, but the events of last week may have dictated the timing of his annoucement. Last week Tom Schweich decided against running against Roy Blunt in the primary for the open U.S. Senate seat in Missouri and is now considering running for state auditor. By announcing now, Icet gets into the race before anyone else and can call for party unity (a theme of last week's Republican fundraiser) behind his candidacy. Also, the buzz about Schweich feeds the importance of the story and makes it a higher profile announcement.


  1. Allen Icet has definitely proved himself as the House Budget Chairman; I think he has a good shot at taking state auditor position.

    I had the opportunity to meet him in person at the Republican Dinner and I believe he truly has the best interest of Missouri taxpayers at heart.

    One of the slickest moves he made over the allocation of the stimulus dollars was to create completely independent accounts in order to track how the money was spent. Also, he worked against Nixon's push to create new, lasting programs with the funds, not one-time uses in the spirit of how the stimulus funds were intended.

  2. Just found Allen Icet's Twitter account too, if interested:

    It seems to be brand new

  3. Kevin Schulte planning a run for the 84th District Rep (re: